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Solutions Health Psychology Group

The team at Solutions Health Psychology Group are passionate about Clinical Psychology and Behavioural Medicine.

We are experienced clinicians and have worked for many years providing psychological services within medical and rehabilitation settings catered to the needs of people experiencing significant health difficulties, as well as psychological services for a range of mental health issues.

Together, our team have a combined total of over 100 years of experience in delivering compassionate psychological care and providing expert reports.

We believe in working together with you to provide:

Evidenced based psychological care

  • Techniques and tools used in your assessment and treatment are based on up to date research about the most effective approaches to assessing and treating challenges you may be experiencing

Individualised care and support

  • We match and customise treatment recommendations to your individual needs, strengths and personal situation
  • We work with you to discuss treatment options and benefits.

A collaborative and coordinated approach

  • We work in partnership with care provided by your GP, medical consultant and/or other health professionals. With your consent, we will communicate with them to ensure a coordinated approach to your needs.

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