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Chronic Pain

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Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain is challenging and stressful. Emotional and physical wellbeing are inter-related and it is not surprising that many people experience depression and anxiety when faced with pain that persists over time. Emotional struggles in turn contribute to our experience of pain.

Our team works with clients to educate and introduce psychological approaches to the management of chronic pain. These may include self management techniques, hypnosis, relaxation, mindfulness, activity pacing techniques, emdr, goal setting, and working with pain related cognitions.

Our clinical psychologists have many years experience in the public health system medical clinics providing psychological services to people struggling with persistent pain.

We collaboratively work with your other treating professionals such as pain medicine specialists, general practitioners and physiotherapists to optimize your treatment.

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Types of Pain

We assist clients experiencing pain related to cancer, rheumatological conditions, lower back and neck pain, spinal pain, traumatic injury, headache/migraine, fibromyalgia and Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

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