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Telehealth appointments – online or over the telephone

Given the recent coronavirus guidelines, we are pleased to offer the option of clinical psychology sessions via telephone or telehealth video session.

Medicare have recently made special provisions to enable access to Psychological therapy with your clinician via telephone or web based video session, on a bulk billed basis. This means you will be not be charged a gap fee for the session and we will ask for your consent to bulk bill Medicare on your behalf for the session.

When booking your appointment, please let us know if you would prefer a telephone or online video based session. You do not need any particular software or apps to use the online telehealth service. For online video based sessions, you will be sent an email link to click to enter your clinician’s “virtual waiting room”. We are utilising Coviu telehealth online, a secure platform approved and preferred by the Australian government, Medicare and the Australian Psychological Society.

If you have any questions about accessing telehealth or telephone sessions, please let us know.

Privacy and Security during telehealth appointments

The telehealth platform that we use, Coviu, does not store any clinical information that is exchanged in a call. All of the video, audio or shared documents in a call are transmitted directly between the participants (peer-to-peer) only and are fully encrypted. Calls cannot be listened into by anyone except for the call participants. None of the data that is exchanged in a video call is saved. Coviu does not store the identities of a guest user – the snapshot image and name requested when commencing a session are only taken to identify the guests to the users in a call.

For more information, see our Resources section.

Safe and secure systems

Private and secure telehealth based appointments are available to our clients for Clinical Psychology appointments as and when required. Please discuss your needs with reception at time of booking.

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